S’mores Table and Weeknight Fun

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This time of year is when I pretty much live outdoors. When I was growing up, warm Spring nights meant campfires, barefoot lightning bug hunts, and s’mores. That hasn’t changed *too* much in the years since, so after the kids go to bed I love lighting my fire pit, putting on some music, and hanging out on my back porch with my husband and a few good friends. We usually open a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company, but the other day I gave a nod to nostalgia and made a “grown up” s’mores table full of goodies to build the ultimate s’mores with.

ultimate s'mores station

My s’mores idea really came to me while I was on a Walmart run. I happen to stumble on a giant Hershey’s display, and seriously, they had me as soon as I saw the flat marshmallows. Yep – let’s all praise the Jet Puffed gods for making a marshmallow that covers an entire graham cracker! And speaking of graham crackers, did you know that Honey Maid has pre-squared grahams? Yeah me neither. But they do. And then of course you can’t have s’mores without Hershey’s bars so I grabbed a few 6-packs.

I filled my basket with all that, along with a few other creative add-ins and headed home to work on my s’mores table.

The thing I love about s’mores is how low key they are. All you need is an open flame and a stick. They are just so rustic, and sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows with the people I love is something that makes my heart happy. Sure, you can make them fancy and add all kinds of diy to it, but why? I feel like the very essence of s’mores is about a crackling fire and being out in nature. For my s’mores bar I wanted to keep that same feeling, so I didn’t try to dress it up and really focused on sharing some great ingredient options so that everyone could make theirs to fit their taste. I started with a basket full of marshmallows and then some bamboo skewers to roast them on.

I had two kinds of chocolate to choose from: Hershey’s classic milk chocolate bars, and Hershey’s cookies and cream bars. Oh, and btw – no, you’re not seeing things. I dyed some of my marshmallows different colors. You can do this by mixing liquid food coloring and a little water in a small bowl. Just dip the marshmallow in and then set out to dry!


I set out some caramel topping for drizzling along with sour gummies because yum.

I wanted to have some fruit in the mix, so I cut up a few strawberries into slices and did the same for seedless watermelon. I didn’t think about it until later, but kiwi would have been great too!

I wanted to extend the fun so I made up some “s’mores in a jar” for my friends to take home with them. Aren’t they cute?

As the sun set, the fire was rolling and we were ready to roast our marshmallows.

We had a little contest to see who could get the perfect roast, and of course my husband won. Just look at that ooey gooey marshmallow spilling over the sides!

And then the topping fun began! It was awesome to try out combinations and see who came up with the most ultimate s’more. My personal favorite was the milk chocolate/marshmallow/caramel and strawberry.

Robert came up with cookies & cream chocolate/milk chocolate/marshmallow/sour gummies and also milk chocolate/marshmallow/strawberry/caramel/sour gummies.

And then of course there was watermelon/milk chocolate/marshmallow. I have never been a big fan of watermelon, but when it’s combined with melty milk chocolate it’s pretty yummy!

As the last sliver of light disappeared on the horizon, the fire blazed on and my heart and belly were full. I think I’ll make this a weekly ritual!

Want to know what my absolute favorite s’mores combo is and how to make it? Here you go!

Ultimate S'mores Stack
  • 2 Honey Maid graham cracker squares
  • 1 Jet Puffed marshmallow
  • 1 square of Hershey's milk chocolate bars
  • sliced strawberry
  • caramel sauce
  • sprinkles
  1. To roast the perfect marshmallow, put it on a long stick and hold it directly above an open flame, turning slowly for 60 seconds.
  2. Take it away from the heat and immediately put on top of a graham cracker.
  3. Add a chocolate square on top, followed by your sliced strawberry.
  4. Drizzle some caramel over it.
  5. Cover with a second graham cracker and smooth.
  6. Voila, perfect s'more!

You can find everything you need to make a s’mores bar at Walmart. Don’t have a fire? Don’t worry! You can make s’mores with almost any heat source – a grill, the oven, and so much more. And now that I’ve shown you my favorite s’mores, what would YOUR idea of the ultimate s’mores stack be? Leave a comment below!