Welcome to The Lazy Table!  This blog is all about vegetarian cooking, easy recipes and beautiful food photography.  Written by a husband and wife team, we know how hard it can be to put together delicious recipes with a full house, while low on time or when the days are just too tough to muster enough energy to cook.  Everyone’s a lazy chef sometimes.  But guess what?  That doesn’t mean you can’t prepare droolworthy dishes at the same time.  All you need is a simple method and great ingredients.

Jess Hey everyone!  I’m Jess and I thought up this blog one day after taking a look at my main blog (A Million Moments) and noticing just how much I love to write about food!  Since food isn’t all I want to do there, I decided to create a second (but equally amazing) blog all about my love of food and vegetarian cooking.  Besides blogging I spend my days taking pictures of things I find beautiful and also working with clients directly for their imaging needs.  I work as a Campaign Leader for Collective Bias to help run blogger campaigns with brands, I have spoken at conferences about photography and also write photography courses through Social Fabric University.  I am a mom of two, I love a good pasta recipe and my weakness is Nutella.  Even though I love all types of photography, food is by far my favorite subject to capture!



I’m Robert, the other half of The Lazy Table.  With a background in culinary arts and restaurant management, I hope to share some amazing recipes, fun food trends and easy techniques here.      This is a new world to me, and transitioning from a full time kitchen management position to a stay at home dad and co-blogger has been a big step but I love it.  I come from a Panamanian heritage where meals were always a family affair and people created dishes with love.  I have worked with food for the past ten years and I am happy to be bringing my own flair to this space.